About us

About us

Shivam Housing Pvt Ltd a project set up in 2065 B.S. which has been dealing with lands in different parts of Nepal entered in housing business in 2069 B.S. with the aim of being a complete solution provider in respect of individual homes. Set up with the belief housing is for people of all ages and backgrounds needing a home, this includes singles, couples, families, young people and seniors as well. Shivam Housing is here with a project to turn your dream into reality for your better tomorrow with a motive “You dream, we make it home.”

The necessity of building up a better living opportunity is seen in Birtamode since few years. In spite of the rapid development in almost all the sectors we are lacking behind in terms of social security and proper management of residential areas. Moreover, everyone dreams of a beautiful and secure community for the betterment of their family. So, with the desire of promoting the concept of community living culture we are offering our customers with all together 89 units of luxurious houses in two different colonies namely Sugam colony and Harihar colony.

With a belief of giving a community culture to the people, I am honored to present you all the result of our effort on something better than the common residence. Focusing on building up a culture of tying up individuals from different background on culture, traditions and ethics, Shivam Housing is now on its way of succession to its dream project on offering the general public to fulfill their dreams of their imaginary roof over head. I am immensely thankful to the team of professionals for collaborating along the vision of community living along with social welfare. I strongly believe that this project covering not only the focus on residing will also bring a positive impact on the upbringing of our upcoming generation.

Shivam housing was founded on the premise that we would build homes that exceed the dreams of our home buyers. Proposes of this project is to undertake and implement the construction of all together 89 residential houses in two colonies namely Sugam Colony and Harihar Colony with almost all the necessary facilities.

Community Building

Sense of belonging and togetherness among the individuals. (Picture of Community Building and its features)

Community Park

This space creates space for community members to congregate safely and enjoy nature. Kids can enjoy under their parent’s watchful eyes and community members can improve their health with equipment, all with relaxing environment.

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