Shivam Family

Our Team

We are a team of 40 individuals, and we believe in team work. Each one of us are amazing at what we do and getting better as the day pass by. We take pride in our team, and have strong belief in each other’s abilities. The ideas from each individual are welcomed and improvised to implement it. We consistently strive to be Customer Focused, Result Oriented, Innovative, Synergistic and Professional while providing the service..

Our promises for quality product and better community will be materialized, as it is being accompanied by experienced structure engineers, civil engineers, architects followed by a best management team. Our Architect has created simplicity of the exterior and interior designer complements that with modern luxury of the interior to create a living space that’s exclusive, beautiful and utterly unique.

Vaastu values are also applied in each building consulting vaastu experts. Aesthetic compositions of building facade are in simple volume composition with standard building materials. It is not an easy task trying to combine the best of everything, be it from our administration, building contractor to every kind of building material and from the best of engineering desk to the best of interior decorator to bring that perfect smile on you.

Shivam Housing, Welcome home where all your expectations are fulfilled. Let us together celebrate living the perfect suburban life and develop a community culture.

Chairman :

  • Manoj Prasai

Board of Directors :

  • Nirmal Bhattarai
  • Gyan Prasai
  • Gauri Bhandari
  • Gopi Prasai
  • Puspak Regmi

Marketing Officers :

  • Nikunja Khatiwoda
  • Aliza Shiwakoti

Accounts :

  • Rasmita Uprety(Sr. Accountant)
  • Kiran Bhandari(Accountant)

Site Employees :

  • Mahendra Uprety (Supervisor - Sugam Colony)
  • Post Pd. Kafle (Supervisor - Harihar Colony)
  • Binod Poudel (Store Incharge - Sugam Colony)
  • Rudra Prasai (Field Incharge)